Psy-Visie entrance Schipholweg Leiden

From 1 November 2017, the practice is located at Schipholweg 103 in Leiden. The building is called “Crown Business Center Key-Point” and is a location where several companies are located. The practice is known here under its own name: “Psy-Visie”. It is a beautiful location with multiple facilities. There is a comfortable waiting area and a restaurant. Upon arrival you can report to the reception with the announcement that you are coming for “Psy-Visie”. The receptionist then contacts me to say there is someone in the waiting area. I’ll come get you as soon as possible. The practice is located on the fifth floor.

You can also come by car and use the parking deck. Park the car in places that are not rented out to other tenants or in places that are reserved for visitors. The access to the parking deck is located at Parmentierweg at number 185, the back of the entrance to the building. Please note: number 185 is a home address, but from there you are right opposite the parking deck. If you enter this address into your navigation system, you should be fine! You will then come to a barrier, with a communication box next to it. Now search with the arrow keys for “CBC receptie” and press the bell. You will then be contacted by the receptionist. If you then indicate that you are coming for “Psy-Visie” or “Willem Klumper”, the receptionist will open the barrier for you and you can park in a place that is intended for visitors or that is not rented out to other businesses. The request is not to park the car at a location of another company, because then you run the risk of a wheel clamp with all the unpleasant consequences (costs € 250). You can then enter the building through the back entrance and report to the reception.

How to get to the practice by Public Transportation:

  • if you travel by train, go to “Leiden Central Station”
  • leave the station on the side of the city (not the side of the University Hospital) en turn left
  • you will pass the bicycle storage and continue in this direction. You are already on the Schipholweg
  • after ca 300 metrers the Schipholweg makes a right turn, in the turn is number 103 on your right side
  • please check in with the receptionist and I wil come to meet you

How to get to the practice by car:

  • type in your navigationssystem: Parmentierweg 185, Leiden
  • this is a private adress, but it will bring your the backside of the building and the parking deck is right in front of you
  • drive up to the barrier and stop at the little information column
  • use the arrow buttons to scroll to “Receptie Crown Business Center” and press the bell-button
  • you will get in contact with the receptionist and tell her that you are here to see “Willem Klumper” or “Psy-Visie”
  • she will open the barrier and you should park your car on a parkingplace that is ment for visitors or that is for rent. If all the parking places are occupied, than you should leave the deck en par the car in the street. In this case, be sure that you pay for your parking ticket. Police in Leiden is very strickt on this
  • use the entrance on the parking deck to enter the building en check in with the receptionist I will come down to meet you asap.